Pure Knights FiveM Roleplay

A place to bring your skills and love for RP and show you are all for Fivem!

Welcome to Pure Knight’s Roleplay!
You have to be at least 17 or older to join. We hope you join and have a great first experience. we are a community aimed at elusive Roleplay and bringing roleplay to another level. We strive to have the creative roleplay, exotic roleplay we can get within GTA or FiveM’s video game restrictions, This server is FivePD and Vmenu combined and has many departments for you to join with great staff and team members! Do not forget that this server bases itself off of the fundamentals of roleplay and unwritten common sense rules. We strive to be the best we can be with great members and staff team. Always keeping an eye on suggestions, Our members voice matters to us. We are also have a ESX server. So if interested defiantly join and become apart of the Family!
Thank you for showing interest in our Family, hope to see you soon
Stay Safe, Kind Regards
Pure Knight’s RP Administration Team!

What do we offer?
  • FivePD
  • Many Departments
  • Special Scripts
  • Fun and Great RP
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